FileZilla Client for Windows

Platform / OS :- Windows
Software Version :- 3.45.1

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Technical Information

Title:-FileZilla Client
File Name:-FileZilla-3.45.1-(winX).exe
File Size:-7.61 MB / 7.56 MB
File Type:-Application (.exe)
License Type:-Free
Installation Type:-Local Installation
Added / Updated:-November 24, 2019


Publisher / Author

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Description of FileZilla Client

As we get deeper into computer and server stuff, more we need advanced tools to make our life easier. If you ever get into file sharing between servers, hosting or computers then you may feel the requirement of tools which can transfer files with few clicks, without you log in. If yes then FileZilla is a perfect alternative for you.

FileZilla Client is really fast convenient and reliable tool, this supports cross-platform FTPS, SFTP, and FTP. With FileZilla graphical interface you don’t need to get into the command line to manage or transfer file. This got lot many features which will help you on daily basis.

FileZilla Client ImgFileZilla Client is equipped with following features:

  • Powerful graphical interface, but simple and convenient to use
  • Supports FTP, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS)
  • IPV6 and IPV4 support
  • Available and support multi-language support
  • Supports download/upload files with resume, overwrite and transfer
  • Powerful manageable transfer queue and Site Manager
  • Bookmarking Functionality
  • Drag and drop Feature available
  • Configurable speed limits for data transfer
  • Wizard for Network Configuration
  • Edit files remotely

What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is basically known as standardized network protocol which is used in order to transfer the files between computers or servers over the internet or in other words TCP/IP network. FTP has been specially designed in order to promote the sharing of files and data, across all types of Operating Systems. The strength of an FTP is the secure and reliable and also efficient to transfer bulk files or data over the internet. Nowadays FTP is very useful to the people who deal with website building and web designers, this makes the job lot easier while uploading files to the web hosting and their company servers. Second major use of FTP is the exchange of files and data between companies. FTP technology is now the basic and mandatory method in many of the organizations to transfer data to maintain a certain level of security.

System Requirement

Platform / OS:-Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor Type:-32 Bit / 64 Bit
Min CPU Speed:-800 MHz or Faster
Min Avl. RAM:-512 MB or More
Min Avl. Space:-35 MB or More


Ranking & Rating

Editors' Rating:-4.8 / 5.0
VirusTotal Scan:-Risk Meter ( 00 / 68 )
Publisher Site:-No Unsafe Content Found.
Alexa Ranking:-16,462
Analyzed Date:-November 24, 2019


File Integrity Validation

MD5 Checksum:-(32-Bit) - A245E389FBA0DAD3BA3F32C0C4343761
(64-Bit) - 36EF97196769BECF42420CBAD5905806
SHA256 Checksum:-(32-Bit) - D7D644C4FCE3EB9896ED4E07CE969FFC7193BBCE5626AE43F20B6296E8B37D1D
(64-Bit) - 30D3BE95A35DEBF505349FD3C3E3DC879729C60415F33D6F2571DBC54AC721ED


FileZilla Client 32 Bit

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FileZilla Client 64 Bit

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